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Finally... Helm Instrumentation Done Right!
WakeTouch gives you the most advanced helm instrumentation, at a fraction of the prices you've been paying!

Our patented technique of using off-the-shelf tablets - with their huge manufacturing volumes, economies of scale, and broad industry support - gives you an unbeatable advantage over other custom, low-volume, expensive options.  Inboard, outboard, pontoon, fishing... every kind of boat will benefit from WakeTouch technology.

If you're a manufacturer, we should talk.

The software and hardware are working.  Patent claims have already issued and dozens more are pending.  This Intellectual Property (IP) is ready for sale to a manufacturer who wants an immediate and sustainable market advantage.  We're very experienced with technology development and transfer.  We're ready to proceed as fast as you are.  The next generation of helm technology is finally here, and you can OWN and CONTROL it.  If you're in the boating industry, we should talk.

If you're shopping for a new boat, WAIT.  Make an informed decision.

Watch the videos.  Read this website.  Then ask yourself if you should risk buying a "new" boat that will be obsolete in a few months.  You can avoid that disappointment by waiting for the buyer of this technology to announce the brand(s) and model(s) that offer them.  Then buy with confidence.

The development is done.  The technology is ready.  Don't buy an expensive, obsolete mistake... give yourself the time to make an informed decision!