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Acquiring this Technology

WakeTouch Intellectual Property (IP) is now available for purchase by a manufacturer who wants an immediate and sustainable market advantage.

Our team has decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and shipping advanced electronic products.  Sometimes we form startup companies to manufacture and sell our designs.  Or, we find a buyer who is already in that industry, or one who wants to jump-start into it.  We have chosen the latter course for WakeTouch, and we are now actively seeking a buyer for the entire WakeTouch IP package.  We intend to sell the entire IP package to a single buyer.

And, we're pragmatic.  We understand that you may purchase the WakeTouch IP for the patents and shelve our hardware and software designs.  Or, your main interest may be in our hardware designs that make full-featured helm systems more economical and reliable than your current products.  We are proud of our work, but we understand that your Engineers may prefer to use their own designs instead of ours.  Likewise, your legal counsel will undoubtedly have their own ideas about how to optimize the future patent claims.  We won't impose post-sale requirements on how you use our IP - that's your decision.  We've seen it all, and we don't get offended.  Once you own it, it's your choice!

The IP for sale includes the issued and pending patents, software, firmware, hardware, schematics, PCB design files, trade secrets, everything.  If desired, one or more of our team may be made available via separate contract for short-term consulting to speed the integration of this technology into your product line.

Before we get to specific categories of buyers, consider these facts:

  • The risk and uncertainty of research and development are over.  These assets are available immediately for a known, fixed price.  No surprises, no budget overruns, no blown schedules.
  • WakeTouch is a real feature and advantage that dealers and customers will use and respect.  Far more than this year’s trim tab shape or graphics color or fabric stitching pattern, these are things that owners will actually see, touch, use, appreciate, and brag about to their friends every day they're on their boat.  Features like these differentiate you, garner rave reviews in the industry, and help SELL YOUR PRODUCT.
  • The expense, risk, and uncertainty of patent protection is over, too.  Patent claims have already issued, securing protection for multiple aspects from multiple perspectives.  Dozens more are actively pending.  The entire package gets more valuable with each new issued claim, and each and every claim helps the buyer of these assets exclusively control them for many years.

Boat Manufacturers

If you’re a wakeboat manufacturer, ownership of WakeTouch is a golden opportunity for both cost and marketing reasons.

Helm instrumentation is one of a wakeboat's most expensive outside expenses.  WakeTouch's patented use of tablets instead of expensive custom screens can cut your instrumentation costs by fifty percent or more.  That savings can drop straight to your bottom line, or reduce your price to make you more competitive.  You can control production yourself, or license the technology to your choice of instrumentation vendors.  You can enjoy the savings by yourself for a while, then license it to other boat makers and enjoy the secondary revenue stream.

No matter what, you want to control these technologies so you can market and budget WITH them, not against them.

Instrumentation Vendors

Instrumentation vendors should consider buying WakeTouch because they can differentiate your products and help you win and keep contracts with boat manufacturers.

Our patented technique of using tablets can slash your development expenses and schedules, and pay bill of materials dividends with every unit shipped.  Thanks to the patents, those are advantages and savings that other manufacturers won't be able to match.

Buy our intellectual property to improve your profitability.  Buy it to improve your competitiveness by offering features others are legally prohibited from copying.  Or, perhaps, buy it to suppress these technologies and protect your existing product lines and profit margins.  Once you own it, it's up to you how to best leverage it to your advantage.

If you sell instrumentation to the wakeboat industry, we should talk.

Marine Components

If you sell components - such as cruise control systems, trim plates, and depth/fish sounders - WakeTouch is your opportunity to leverage your existing distribution and customer relationships and take your company to the next level.

Add WakeTouch to your product line and expand your presence in the boating marketplace by delivering the most advanced and cost efficient helm instrumentation system.  Your customers are already using your products.  WakeTouch will give them more reasons to make you their preferred vendor while increasing your account control and your revenues.

At the same time, a broader product line can help secure new relationships and displace competitors.  The more solutions your customers can obtain from you, the less they will need other vendors.

How We Negotiate

One of our favorite sayings is "Simple Deals Get Done". Our experience has shown that the cleaner and simpler the transaction, the more likely it actually happens.  We favor point transactions where all assets and compensation transfer between the parties at a single point in time.  Complex arrangements involving partial ownership, selective licensing, etc. often fall apart as the parties argue forever over the details.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) transactions typically close about 30 days from initial contact.  If discussions go beyond that, we have found that the deal is unlikely to be successful and both parties are likely better served by looking elsewhere.

You will find us to be very straightforward, honest, equitable, and friendly to work with - and we will appreciate the same from you.  We are very familiar with how IP purchases are structured and will not waste your time or ours.  We write agreements that both parties are comfortable signing.  We don't play games.  If we believe we have a deal, we'll tell you... and if we don't, we’ll tell you that too.

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